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Technology development that very rapidly as Demands Company and businessmen must be able to adapt pretty quickly. The increase of the needs of information and connection data for business did not know time and place, so it appeared various solutions unified communications, mobile the commuters, and so on. The solutions strengthen that the determination of and speed in obtaining information absolutely necessary.

Currently, high awareness has been much company or businesses that noticed security problems information systems and their computers and invest to secure this information system. The security system information and computer need equipment which expensive, if not followed by clear rules and the high awareness users on, it is useless. This training would give an understanding of the importance of maintaining the security system computing and information system and rules in the security system computing and information system.


Course Content

  1. Organization of information security
  2. IT Security policy
  3. Risk assessment and treatment
  4. Asset management security
  5. Human resources security
  6. Physical and environmental security
  7. Communications and operations management
  8. Access control
  9. Information systems acquisition, development, and maintenance



Personnel able to participate in the training: all levels of employees of the division information technology, practitioner, or any of those who want to increase the knowledge of training.



    • Ibis Style Hotel Yogyakarta
    • Gino Feruci Hotel Bandung
    • Sofyan Betawi Menteng Hotel Jakarta
    • Ibis Style Kuta Circle Hotel Bali
    • In House Training*
    • e-Learning*


The Facility and investment

    • The facility: Hard Copy Material, USB Flash disk, Training Kits, Coffee Break & Lunch, Certificate, Souvenir
    • Investment of Rp. 6.000.000,- (Six million rupiah) per participants



    • Using the Zoom Application
    • The facility: Hard & Soft Copy File, USB Flashdisk, Training Kits, Certificate, Souvenir
    • Investment of Rp 4.000.000,- (four million rupiah)


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