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Project Management

Deskripsi Project Management is a skill needed for a project manager to undertake his tasks successfully implemented. A project is a job that is done once whereas most other jobs are on-going or repetitive and managing one time jobs is different from managing on-going...

Best Practice of Project Management

Deskripsi Sesuatu pekerjaan besar seperti proyek membutuhkan perencanaan yang matang. Perusahaan sering dihadapkan pada kesulitan manage kegiatan yang tidak rutin menyangkut lintas departemen yang unik dan tidak berulang. Kegiatan seperti tersebut di atas harus...

Project Management Specialist Training

Descriptions Handle/ manage a project is certainly not an easy job, especially the project concerns the welfare of many people, a bigger responsibility that requires workers to better understand the project management is good so that is a more systematic project. This...
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